Christmas is a time when there is hope for joy and happiness. Ringing bells, Melodious carols with winter breeze, and the aroma of fresh bakes spread across. It’s time for the end of the year and welcomes a new year with new hopes and energy to the world.

Almost everyone is excited about the festive season as it is the season for sharing, caring and celebrating the spirit of compassion. Christmas and new year are making your loved one’s heart filled with happiness by gifting them the most precious things. People wish each other and exchange gifts, so why not flowers?

 Many gifting ideas have the potential to occupy a huge part of the heart. Luxury, exotic flowers such as a bouquet or hampers are a great idea for gifting at Christmas and New year. Here are a few Christmas and New year flower gift ideas.

1. Red- Red and redder

The warmth of Christmas and New year is often associated with the colour red. There are a variety of flowers that we can pick for any kind of Christmas or new year flower arrangement whether for tabletop decoration or bouquet. You can add some popular flowers to the bouquet like poinsettias, carnations and oriental lilies. Red berries also are amazing with flower arrangements.

2. Flower hampers with a cake:

  Nothing can beat a well-decorated fresh flower hamper with a freshly baked cake. This melts the heart of your loved ones. The exotic smell of the flowers gives a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere when presented with the cake it doubles the celebration.

3. Rose Hamper or basket

Get a rose bouquet for Christmas that includes a range of roses. Include rosebuds, red roses, orange roses and white flowers in it. Order a premium box or a vase to hold them. Put a lovely holiday bow on it. The recipient of this magnificent bouquet will be amazed and delighted by the numerous varieties of roses, which are appreciated by all. Your home or business will feel festive with this enticing piece of art. For the Christmas dinner party, you may also utilise it as a conversation starter and dining table centrepiece.

4. White & Red Alstroemeria

Christmas flower bouquets frequently use alstroemeria blossoms. Purchase a bouquet of red and white alstroemeria flowers. Order these in a rounded bubble glass bowl for a finer choice. This stylish choice is perfectly appropriate for the occasion and mixes the traditional Christmas hues of white and red. People adore the festive mood that these red and white flowers provide them.

5. White Christmas and New Year

A white Christmas is a fantasy for all of us. Only people who live in highlands or cold climates get to see the lovely spectacle of white Christmas celebrations. Why not duplicate the impression?   Get a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, gardenias, carnations, and other flowers in a basket with a wintery backdrop. Use a festive gold ribbon to tie it. Whatever your heart desires, give or decorate.

Once passed, small moments of time never return. But we can live and celebrate each passing moment of X-mas and New Year’s Eve like never before. The greatest time to do this is when you want to surprise your loved ones with special presents. Thoughtful X-mas and New Year’s gifts can go a long way in ensuring that your relationship with everyone close to your heart remains strong.

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